Do You Pinterest?

I’m still trying to make up my mind about Pinterest. I have had an account for a number of months now, and for the longest time I was feeling like it was the go-to site to salivate over crazy hyper-remodel jobs, scan wedding hairstyles and terrible bridesmaid dresses, find recipes to make desserts that taste like cake batter (just make some cake batter and eat it with a spoon, people!), or 101 DIY crafts to make using toilet paper tubes.

There was a long stretch of time when I never checked it, and I almost abandoned the boards altogether.

But lately I noticed that there has been a jump in “repins” of my nonprofit board (which, by the way, I created solely for organizing my own reading). Then I started noticing nonprofit pros discussing Pinterest in their social media or marketing strategies. Kivi Leroux Miller addressed the Pinterest question in her nonprofit marketing blog a few weeks ago, and she too seems to be on the fence regarding the value of using Pinterest for marketing and outreach.

Is there marketing/communications power to be unleashed in this odd little social media platform?

But more importantly, check out how these organizations are using Pinterest:

What are your thoughts? Are you using Pinterest in your marketing and communications? Why or why not?


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