Controlling your image on the internet

Staying on top of your multiple communications platforms every day, every hour. This doesn’t require much time, right? There’s not much to do as the go-to communications/outreach person…

Enough to leave one speechless.

Oh wait. On second thought…

I love this graphic, and not just because of the pretty colors or the flashbacks of being a child in the 70s watching The Partridge Family (did you know Danny Bonaduce is now a morning radio shock-jock here in Seattle? On a classic rock station, nonetheless). I will be referring back to the graphic quite often in the future, analyzing small bits as we go.

But I do have some quick thoughts about a very specific issue. Be in control of your internet presence — whether your agency is a full-colored peacock across the entire chart or just a few shades here and there.

There are two factors to controlling your internet image:

  • What does your organization put out there and say about itself? Do you have a strategic communications plan, or even a content marketing plan, and are you following it closely? Are all of your platforms working together in unison, staying true to your mission statement, using the pillars of your marketing plan efficiently, and using consistent messaging? Examine very carefully your website (and every internal page), your Facebook page, YouTube account, services blogs, etc, against your communications plan. If there is ANY platform or page that is not up-to-date in any way, revise it immediately or take it down. Bad information will confuse/frustrate your clients, alienate your partners, and drive away prospective donors and friends (after all, what kind of a shop are you running that you can’t even update your staff list or change out your new logo throughout your website?).
  • What are others saying about you? I know you cannot control what others post about your agency on Yelp, Google+, Twitter, etc. But if you see negative reviews, try to deal with them immediately. Network for Good has a great blog post about the dos and don’ts of managing your image on review sites (for example, don’t post fake reviews of your agency). If you get a negative review, address it immediately. The longer you let the review sit unanswered, the worse the agency looks in the eyes of future prospective friends — for those reviews usually rank very high in search engine results of your organization name. In addition, you don’t know if more review sites will come on line in the future that will use and propagate the same negative reviews. For example, I know of one organization that received a scathing review from a disgruntled employee on GuideStar. The review was not addressed by the organization, and now the review can also be found on CharityNavigator. To make matters worse, it’s the only review on both sites. Not good.

I will come back and touch on other parts of the chart in future posts. Taste the rainbow!


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