Pineapple upside-down cupcake REDUX

I was reminded by a friend this morning that there is a part two to the cupcake parable:

Everyone loved both versions of the cupcakes, some even saying that the first super-messy, hard-to-eat batch tasted better than the second, prettier batch.

What to take out of this, besides the reminder to research, contemplate, come up with work-arounds, deal with issues as they come up, consider earlier attempts and improve upon them, go back to the books and incorporate “classic” strategies, and don’t give up and opt for letting someone else do your job for you? The new lesson is that maybe the first attempt was not the failure you think it was, no matter how frustrated you were with the process or how you personally saw the resulting product.

In other news, I’m enjoying reading Tom Ahern’s newsletter/blog Ahern Communications, Ink, especially this post and this one. Tom specializes in cupcakes.


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