Writing for print newsletters vs. online

Someone wrote to me privately and asked about the practicality of writing for print newsletters and then e-mailing copies. Personally, I believe writing for e-news should be approached differently, with the assumption that most readers will not read the all of the stories, and may not reach the end of any of them. Front load your most important information in the first paragraph in e-news… your readers may not make it past that first paragraph (especially since open rates are much higher than click rates).

Here is an interesting comparison for you — a pdf of a print newsletter and the online version of the same text. This is English Matters, the University of Washington English Department’s alumni news of which I was the editor for three years.

English Matters 2010 (pdf)

English Matters 2010 (online)

What do you think?


New Video: Puget Sound Labor Agency

I worked with PSLA earlier this year on establishing new development and administrative programs/procedures. This Belltown agency quickly adapted its programs to meet the extreme increase in demand for services (especially the food bank), while having to make severe cuts to account for the downturn in the economy. As a result, the executive director stopped wearing a tie to the office and took over many of the necessary duties to ensure the food bank stayed open. They do whatever it takes to continue to feed the 40,000+ mouths that come through their door annually, looking for some hunger relief and a bit of kindness.

This is my first video.