Controlling your image on the internet

Staying on top of your multiple communications platforms every day, every hour. This doesn’t require much time, right? There’s not much to do as the go-to communications/outreach person…

Enough to leave one speechless.

Oh wait. On second thought…

I love this graphic, and not just because of the pretty colors or the flashbacks of being a child in the 70s watching The Partridge Family (did you know Danny Bonaduce is now a morning radio shock-jock here in Seattle? On a classic rock station, nonetheless). I will be referring back to the graphic quite often in the future, analyzing small bits as we go.

But I do have some quick thoughts about a very specific issue. Be in control of your internet presence — whether your agency is a full-colored peacock across the entire chart or just a few shades here and there.

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Do You Pinterest?

I’m still trying to make up my mind about Pinterest. I have had an account for a number of months now, and for the longest time I was feeling like it was the go-to site to salivate over crazy hyper-remodel jobs, scan wedding hairstyles and terrible bridesmaid dresses, find recipes to make desserts that taste like cake batter (just make some cake batter and eat it with a spoon, people!), or 101 DIY crafts to make using toilet paper tubes.

There was a long stretch of time when I never checked it, and I almost abandoned the boards altogether.

But lately I noticed that there has been a jump in “repins” of my nonprofit board (which, by the way, I created solely for organizing my own reading). Then I started noticing nonprofit pros discussing Pinterest in their social media or marketing strategies. Kivi Leroux Miller addressed the Pinterest question in her nonprofit marketing blog a few weeks ago, and she too seems to be on the fence regarding the value of using Pinterest for marketing and outreach.

Is there marketing/communications power to be unleashed in this odd little social media platform?

But more importantly, check out how these organizations are using Pinterest:

What are your thoughts? Are you using Pinterest in your marketing and communications? Why or why not?